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Treat yourself to a relaxing massage right in our wellness :-)

Be pampered. Just choose. 


Chocolate massage 

cokoladova masaz

Hot chocolate massage is a rejuvenates procedure that removes dead cells, smoothes your skin  and makes it soft. It supports removing harmful substances from your body, has antioxidant properties and positive effect on your mind. It slows down the process of premature aging - nourishes, rejuvenates, regenerates and tones the skin.

Price: 500 CZK  for 30 minutes 1 000 CZK for 60 minutes 


Cinnamon massage 

skoricova masaz

Warm cinnamon oil brings local heating on your body skin, dilates blood vessels and increases fat removing from the body. Cinnamon oil is mainly used on areas with signs of cellulite. Cinnamon oil is also a strong antiseptic and pain reliever. The aroma of essential oils regulates blood circulation and has an aphrodisiac effect.

Price: 500 CZK  for 30 minutes 1 000 CZK for 60 minutes 


Lavender massage 

levandulova masaz

The soothing aroma of lavender will put you in the good mood. It will make your skin velvet soft and it’s pleasant fragrance helps you to relax and brings you the joy of life. Treat yourself to a relaxing lavender massage with body oil that revitalizes your tired body and soothes muscular and nervous tension.

Price: 500 CZK  for 30 minutes 1 000 CZK for 60 minutes 




Kineziotaping is a therapeutic method used to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. Kineziotape is an elastic cotton tape which reduces pain, allows faster healing and affects the proper functioning of muscles (if used correctly).

Small tape: 70 CZK (forearm, neck, wrist)

Medium tape: 100 CZK (loins, shoulders, trapezius, knee, calf)

Big tape: 150 CZK (back, shoulder, thigh) 


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